Lorena Garcia is a seventh-generation Coloradan and a veteran organizer.
Lorena Garcia is a seventh-generation Coloradan and a veteran organizer.
Courtesy of Lorena Garcia

Lorena Garcia to Challenge Senator Cory Gardner in 2020

When one election ends, another begins. Today, November 27, Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition executive director Lorena Garcia announced that she will challenge Senator Cory Gardner in 2020.

Garcia is the first candidate to officially announce a run against Gardner. But you can expect plenty more to jump in the race.

"Garcia is running on a platform with a core focus on economic equity for all, the cornerstone of which includes access to healthcare and education," a statement announcing the Democrat's candidacy reads. "As a veteran organizer, Garcia supports women’s rights, funding for public transportation and civil rights protections for women’s reproductive independence."

According to Garcia's LinkedIn page, the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition provides "advocacy and training for parents to be meaningfully engaged in the success of their children’s education and provides training to informal childcare providers to help close the achievement gap." Garcia has also led Namlo International, a nonprofit that works in Nepal and Nicaragua, since 2017, and has served in leadership roles for the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity, 9to5 and the National Association for Working Women. She is a seventh-generation Coloradan and has been married to her wife for seven years, according to campaign spokeswoman Meghan Dougherty.

Gardner faces an uphill battle to retain his seat in 2020, following the Democratic sweep of the Colorado Legislature and statewide offices. One path to victory, writer Chris Bianchi suggested after the midterm elections, is for Gardner to become more of a centrist to appeal to Colorado's blue-leaning unaffiliated voters.

Either way, get ready for a lot of political commercials. 

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