"Being deceased is the greatest!"
"Being deceased is the greatest!"

Lost's group-hug-of-the-dead finale: What did Denver think?

Final episodes of beloved series are criticism magnets -- and last night's Lost closer, in which the castaways, all of them dead, happily gathered in a church in order to "move on" together, was no exception.

Was the resolution a brave and sincere declaration of faith all too rare on commercial TV? Or an over-simplified cheesefest, replete with eye-bulging revelations capable of sparking unintended laughter? Locals appear to be almost evenly divided.

At this writing, a Metromix Denver survey is led by "Amazing! Perfect ending to a great show," with 36 percent, followed by, "Eh, it could have been better," with 24 percent, and "Awful! Very disappointing end," at 16 percent.

Oh yeah: Another 24 percent declare, "Who cares? The show was always overrated."

Meanwhile, the post-Lost live chat on Entertainment Weekly's website shows that at least one local still hadn't gotten enough Lost even after a two-hour preview and the two-and-a-half hour ep itself. ABC, Lost's parent network, also offered a special Jimmy Kimmel program devoted to the show, and while it was scheduled to begin at 11 p.m., Channel 7's local newscast ran past that time -- which explains this comment, posted at 11:06 p.m.:

"omg I live in denver and the stupid news is still on and they are not showing jkimmel! grrrrrrrrr!"

File that one under "Still Lost After All These Years."


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