Loveland Reservoir Road fire update: Cost tops $1 million, 100% containment expected Friday

It's all over but the shouting at the Fourmile Canyon fire near Boulder, and the end is near for the Loveland area's Reservoir Road fire, too. According to spokeswoman Debra Schofield, authorities are hoping to achieve 100 percent containment sometime tomorrow. Meanwhile, firefighting costs have officially topped $1 million. The figure at this writing stands at $1,086,000, but it will rise over the next several days. After all, Schofield notes that "we still have 557 firefighters working: fourteen Type 1 crews -- they're the hot-shot crews -- and two Type 2 crews."

In addition, 28 engines, nine water tenders and two large helicopters continue working the 740-acre blaze, which is 65 percent contained at present. Moreover, rehab work can't commence until complete containment is achieved. At some point after that, federal officials will hand control of the area back to local authorities -- but the operation is already being dialed down, with the EOC call center shutting down at noon today. Click www.inciweb.org for other contact information.

Fortunately, the area has been reopened to residents with credentials issued by local authorities -- although an exception has been made for one individual. "He's flying in from out of town tonight at 7:30," Schofield says. "So he just needs to show his driver's license with the address confirming that he's a resident to the officers at the roadblock, and they'll let him in."

Those already on site are using dumpsters arrayed at strategic locations, so they can dispose of food that's gone bad over the time access has been restricted. Says Schofield: "Overall, from the calls I've been getting, they're very happy about how the fire was handled. And now, they're just trying to get back to normal life."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.