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Luke Miller, Gunned Down by Police, Was a White Supremacist, Cops Say

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Update: Last week, we told you about a police shooting in Evans during which a man was killed after allegedly shouting, "Shoot me, kill me!" See our previous coverage below.

The man, now identified as Luke Nathan Miller, was originally described as a "parole absconder."

However, the Greeley Police Department has issued more damning material about Miller in the wake of the incident — something that's common in law-enforcement shootings, since such details may help convince the public that authorities did what they needed to do to protect the community as a whole.

According to the GPD, Miller had a criminal history that went back nearly a decade and maintains that while in prison, he was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacist organization.

As detailed below, Miller and another man were stopped by police checking out a suspicious vehicle. While the latter was taken into custody without incident, Miller ran off and is accused of firing in the direction of an officer. He was later surrounded by cops, at which point he's quoted as yelling that police should open fire — which they did, killing him.

After the publication of our original report, the GPD announced that Miller had "multiple felony arrests and convictions going back to 2007 and had outstanding felony warrants for his arrest issued by Jefferson County for felony charges of second-degree assault, menacing, assault in the third degree, domestic violence, criminal mischief, child abuse and harassment."

Additionally, the Colorado Department of Corrections wanted Miller for absconding from parole.

Then, yesterday afternoon, the GPD noted that the Critical Incident Response Team, which is investigating the shooting (as is standard procedure in such cases) "has been able to verify that Miller was a follower of the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacist group.

"Miller had numerous tattoos claiming his allegiance to the Aryan Brotherhood and was tracked as an active member by the Colorado Department of Corrections while in prison," the department added.

If you have any information about the shooting, you're encouraged to contact the lead investigator, Sergeant Kris Haffner, at the Weld County Sheriff's Office. The number is 970-356-5809.

Here's a large look at a Miller mug shot, followed by our earlier report.

Original post, 5:49 a.m. February 26: There have been an absolutely astounding number of officer-involved shootings in these parts over recent months.

One estimate counted eleven police shootings on Colorado's Front Range between Halloween and December 18.

Since then, we've reported about at least three more, including the Denver Police Department shooting of Ramone Lonergan in January and two incidents earlier this week: the gun-down of a burglary suspect who wounded DPD officer Rachel Eid (she's been released from the hospital) and the shooting in Park County that left eviction target Martin Wirth and deputy Nate Carrigan dead.

The latest: a face-off between authorities and a parole absconder in Evans. The latter was killed after allegedly calling for officers to "Shoot me, kill me!"

This line appears in the Greeley Police Department account of what went down.

At approximately 1:25 a.m., according to the GPD, members of the Evans Police Department initiated what's termed a "suspicious vehicle contact" near Highway 85 and 40th Street.

Before long, the officers contacted a pair of suspects, and while one was quickly taken into custody immediately, the other one took off.

The likely reason, discovered after the fact: the man was a "parole absconder and was wanted on felony charges," the department reveals.

The man initially got away from the cops after crossing a fence.

However, the cavalry soon arrived in the persons of officers from multiple agencies — police departments from Greeley and LaSalle, as well as deputies from the Weld County Sheriff's Office — who established a perimeter with the idea of giving the man nowhere to run.

More than an hour later, at 2:47 a.m., an officer spotted the man, who allegedly fired a shot in his direction before vanishing again.

But he reappeared approximately thirty minutes later and was quickly surrounded.

That's when the man is quoted as shouting, "Shoot me, kill me!"

After that, he's said to have raised his weapon in the officers' direction.

They responded by following his command, pulling their triggers until he was down.

What happened afterward was captured in some remarkable footage broadcast by Fox31 and shared below.

In it, the cops can be seen advancing on the man with guns drawn, then trying, and failing, to revive him.

He was pronounced dead at North Colorado Medical Center at 4:07 a.m.

Thus far, the man has not been identified.

Neither have we been told the names of the officers involved in the shooting; they're on administrative leave, as is standard procedure following such incidents.

However, the GPD notes that there is body camera footage of what happened. It's currently under review by the Nineteenth Judicial District's Critical Incident Response Team

Look below to see the aforementioned Fox31 report.

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