Mack Meade's alleged weapons used against bicyclist: spit and a machete

Bike rage incidents are becoming more common: Remember allegations of tacks left on paths in Deer Creek Canyon last year? But the Boulder Police Department thinks Mack Meade's actions weren't nearly as stealth. He's been arrested on suspicion that he spat on a bicyclist and threatened him with a machete.

On Tuesday, according to the Boulder Police Department, officers were called to the area of Broadway and Balsam, where they interviewed a bicyclist who'd just experienced a tough ride.

The cyclist told cops he'd been pedaling in the area when a green Buick LeSabre drove past -- and a passenger in the car spat at him out the window, with the globule landing on his arm.

The LeSabre should have had the advantage when it came to a getaway. Given the traffic on Broadway, however, the bicyclist was able to catch up to the car and verbally confront the folks inside. But the 21-year-old man subsequently identified as Meade apparently used more than words to make his point. Police say he pulled out a large black machete, brandished it in view of the bicyclist, and threatened to "chop him up."

The BPD located the LeSabre in the parking lot of a library -- because people with machetes like to read, too! And while the driver and two other passengers reportedly said they hadn't seen Meade spit on the bicyclist, they confirmed that he'd held up the blade -- which explains why Meade was busted on charges of physical harassment and flourishing a deadly weapon.

Can't everyone with wheels just get along? See a larger version of Meade's mug shot below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.