Madison McKinley, The Bachelor's vampire girl: Vail resident sharpens New York fangs (PICS)

Monday's edition of The Bachelor featured one of the most desperate contestants yet: Madison McKinley, who boasts a pair of vampire fangs. And while she identified her home as New York, she's really from Vail, and did plenty o' modeling in our fair state. Look below to see samples of her work, as well as a clip from the show featuring alleged catch (and obvious douchebag) Brad Womack.

As reported by the Denver Post's Bill Husted, McKinley's given name is Madison Garton. Husted maintains that her move to New York, where she "joined the New York Underground Vampire Club and installed vampire implants," is temporary -- although gigs on shows such as Rescue Me, 30 Rock and Flight of the Conchords, not to mention The Bachelor, suggests a certain jones for bright lights and big cities.

McKinley's also modeled for Denver's Donna Baldwin Talent, whose Madison McKinley page makes no mention of her TV exploits. It does, however, feature a handful of photos, none of which feature fangs. Check them out below:

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