Magnificent Obsessions: Elyse Burja

Elyse Burja lives with her shoe obsession every day. As the owner of STRUT, at 3877 Tennyson Street, she earns a living making sure that the women of Denver are well-heeled. She's always seeking something that catches her eye and makes an impression. Cat certainly understands her dedication; she's got a bit of a shoe fetish herself: You can't just dash out for some milk in sensible loafers when you're known about town for your sole style.

So what is Burja wearing right now? A pair of black pumps from Chie Mihara (from Spain; she likes small, independent designers). "This shoe is my favorite because it is practical, sexy and so very comfortable, especially for a heel," she tells Cat. "I have worn it with everything from a sexy black dress to show off the ankle strap, to black corduroys and jeans. Worn that way, it is a great basic black pump. I love them!"


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