Make room for Charles Barkley on the Nuggets bandwagon

Isn't it nice to hear national basketball commentators like Charles Barkley say nice things about your Denver Nuggets for a change? Sir Charles has typically treated the Nugs with all the respect of something he scraped off his shoe -- but the further the team gets into the playoffs, the more effusive he's become. The TNT clip above (also featuring Chris Webber, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson) dates from just prior to the start of the team's current series with the Dallas Mavericks, and in it, Barkley declares that the Mavs have no chance to win -- and he adds his view that Chauncey Billups and company are the only squad remaining with a realistic shot at preventing the Los Angeles Lakers from playing in the NBA championship. (Of course, the Houston Rockets may have something to say about that, too.) No doubt Barkley's opinions have only been reenforced by the Nuggets' performances in their first two victories -- and if they manage to defy the odds and best the Mavs on Saturday, during their first post-season matchup in Texas, he won't be able to contain his enthusiasm. Here's hoping for three-up, Chuck.

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