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Man busted for stealing a guy's life -- and his underwear

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Whether or not Timothy P. Gonzales is a Talking Heads fan, the "Once in a Lifetime" lyric "This is not my beautiful house!" should have gone through his head last week -- at just about the moment the man whose home he'd basically moved into fired a warning shot in his general direction.

According to the Golden Police Department, Gonzales made himself comfy at a house for sale on the 1200 block of Mesa Court. He parked his car (a nice one) in the garage, put food in the refrigerator, did his laundry and, of course, loaded up a work bench with ingredients used in making meth. Hell, he even posed as the home's owner when real estate agents arrived to show clients the property.

If only the actual owner hadn't turned up a short time later, packing heat. The cops followed, finding Gonzales clad only in the homeowner's boxer shorts. Which probably gave them a good look at Timothy P's giant cojones.

Check out pics of Gonzales and the rest of the details below. Same as it ever was...

Homeowner nabs burglar

Golden, Colo. -- Date, November 16, 2009 -- On Nov. 09, 2009 Golden Police responded to a private residence in the 1200 block of Mesa Court for a reported Burglary in Progress, where shots were fired. On arrival they found the owner holding a male suspect at gunpoint.

The homeowner told police he returned home around 5:00 p.m. on November 09, 2009. When he opened his garage door he found that there was a white Lexus ES300 parked in his garage. He entered his home and went to the master bedroom. The home owner noticed that several items were out of place. He retrieved his hand gun and loaded it. He left his bedroom and entered the main living room, calling out as he walked. To his surprise a male voice answered. He looked upstairs and saw a male standing there wearing only a pair of boxers, belonging to the home owner. The homeowner ordered the man out of his house and showed the suspect his gun. The man argued with the homeowner, claiming the homeowner`s gun was not real. When the suspect moved aggressively toward him, the homeowner fired a warning shot, purposely away from the suspect. Police arrived a short time later.

The investigation revealed that the suspect, 24-year old Timothy P. Gonzales, had been in the residence most of the day. He showered, did his laundry and placed his own items in the refrigerator. Police also discovered materials commonly used to make methamphetamine on the work bench in the garage.

Through continued investigative interviews it was learned that Gonzales actually represented himself as the home owner when two real estate agents and their clients came to the residence for a home showing. The home is for sale.

The suspect is Timothy P. Gonzales, 12/25/1984 of Golden.

Gonzales was booked into the Jefferson County jail for burglary, possession of burglary tools and drug violations.

The Jefferson County District Attorney`s office will consider further charges.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.