Man Shot Four Times Outside Homeless Shelter Was Targeted, Cops Believe

Yesterday, a homeless shelter called the Lawrence Street Community Center opened with a great deal of hoopla, including an appearance by Denver mayor Michael Hancock, after months of wrangling between the Denver Rescue Mission and the Ballpark Neighborhood Association.

But less than 24 hours later, attention has shifted to another shelter — the St. Francis Center, at 2323 Curtis Street — for a far more troubling reason.

A man was shot four times outside the shelter early this morning. 

He's expected to survive his wounds — but police believe he was targeted for the attack.

The St. Francis Center's Facebook page, which features this profile pic.... a relentlessly upbeat Internet destination.

Recent posts include prayers for the people of France following the terrorist attacks there, a thank-you to a local Episcopal church for a fundraiser, and news about the installation of a new sewer line that will make staying at the center more pleasant for clients.

Unfortunately, gunfire reportedly shattered the usual positivity surrounding the facility at around 3 a.m. today, November 24.

Among the members of the news media tweeting images from the scene were CBS4's Shawn Chitnis....

...and 7News' Lindsay Watts....

...who notes that the shooter is thought to have been in a car that pulled up outside of the center.

A moment later, an occupant of the ride pointed a gun at the man and opened fire.

These actions lead investigators to believe that the shooting was not a random event.

At this point, no suspect or vehicle information has been released — but it's very early in the investigation. As of a short time ago, some of the man's belongings remained on the sidewalk outside the center.

Look below to see a 7News report about the latest developments.

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