Mar Lee Sweeties put the cherry into tract home patio tomatoes: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Lovers of intense competition won't want to miss this summer's battle between homegrown fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers for blue ribbons at the Denver County Fair. Among the top contenders in the fierce fight for this town's hottest tomato will be Mar Lee Sweeties, the perfectly sized cherry tomato plant for tract home patios... As illustrated in the picture above, Mar Lee Sweetie cherry tomatoes grow as uniformly on the vine as do small-frame post-World War 2 tract housing down a southwest Denver street.

This compact super-producer shows much tolerance to Late Blight from South Sheridan to South Federal Blvds. Bursting with snack-ready supersweet baby cherries about one inch round, Mar Lee Sweeties are known for their superior yield.

Plant in a hanging basket, a tract patio flower pot, or directly into the garden, and you'll have an abundance of company all summer long.

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