Marcel Maldonado, schmucky car thief, escapes from cops, then gets busted sitting in driveway

Marcel Maldonado seems like the kind of criminal who doesn't know the meaning of laying low.

A wanted man in Washington state, he managed to make it to Colorado, only to tweak the cops here. But after getting away again, where did he hide? In the car police were chasing. Which was parked in a driveway.

Earlier this month, according to Washington's KNDU-TV, Maldonado, 21, allegedly held up a convenience store in the community of Grandview. But while he fled with an undisclosed amount of cash, he didn't get far, crashing his car just ten minutes later.

The end for Marcel. No way! Yakima County Sheriff's Department reps say he promptly carjacked a Ford Ranger from a nearby homeowner, using a gun as persuasion. Shortly thereafter, he ditched that vehicle in favor of a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta, which he allegedly carjacked from a young couple at a rest stop.

Cops spotted him in the Jetta and gave pursuit, only to break off the chase when it reportedly became too dangerous.

Days later, on November 24, notes CBS4, Maldonado resurfaced, this time in Colorado's Kit Carson County. When officers tried to pull him over in yet another vehicle, he rabbited, blitzing through a total of five counties at speeds up to 131 miles per hour.

The search is said to have gone on for hours. But eventually, police spotted the car near Byers, in the driveway of a house. And Maldonado? He was sitting inside. Also accompanying him -- a gun that may have been used in those Washington carjackings.

Now, in addition to charges in Washington state, Maldonado faces a raft of counts here in Colorado. Among them: driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, which, if true, puts the frosting on the schmucky cake.

Look below to see Maldonado's latest mug shot, followed by the CBS4 report.

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