Marijuana convention KushConII thinks RTD is kind -- for approving event ads for its buses

Does RTD feel the need for weed? Apparently so, since Denver buses now feature ads for KushConII, taking place December 17-19 at the Colorado Convention Center. Organizers are so happy at this example of this institutional acceptance that they're formally thanking the folks at RTD for taking their money.

Look below to see the KushConII release, as well as a video featuring some of the bus ads.

Kush Con II press release:

What in the world does "Have a Kush Day!" Mean?

Mysterious saying began appearing on buses all over Metro Denver last week

DENVER, CO -- Last week, RTD buses all over the metro Denver area began sporting the message, "Have a Kush Day", pleasing some bus riders, offending others, and still baffling many. The slogan, which refers to a specific strain of marijuana, Kush, is the tag slogan for next month's upcoming Kush Con II, the largest cannabis convention ever to be conducted in the USA that will be held at the Colorado Convention Center from December 17-19th.

RTD, who approved the ad copy submitted by Kush Magazine and, the hosts of the event, has made a bold statement in running the ads. The medical cannabis industry has arrived and is here to stay in Colorado.

"We are very pleased that the RTD agreed to allow us to advertise on their buses and that they accepted our creative design," said Michael Lerner, publisher of the cannabis lifestyle magazine, Kush, and online social networking site, "As an advocate for the end of marijuana prohibition nationwide, I know that the cause comes up against a lot of resistance, especially in the way of advertising in major metro areas. I respect RTD's open-mindedness about and feel it's just one more indicator that Colorado, where medical cannabis is legal and regulated, is on its way toward the full legalization of cannabis statewide."

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