Marijuana critic William Breathes's sublime & ridiculous global media blitz (AUDIO, VIDEO)

If medical marijuana reviewer William Breathes looks tired lately, it's not because he's been critiquing too much weed. Since being featured on Rupert Murdoch's iPad-friendly The Daily and National Public Radio, he's been absolutely inundated with interview requests, many from international outlets. Which is a good thing, since a U.S. quiz session was easily the most irritating.

In recent days, Breathes has chatted with Globo in Brazil, the Times of London and BBC radio. His entertaining, oh-so-British conversation on the latter can be heard below.

Far less satisfying for him was a Skype interview with Eyeopener TV, a Tribune program that runs online and is syndicated through Houston's WB39. Breathes was interviewed by a production manager, who he found to be a cool guy. But the finished product was re-edited to make it seem as if he conversed with anchor Kirby O'Connell, who spends her on-camera time smirking, mugging and delivering snarky lines the production manager never said.

Breathes was told in advance about the O'Connell insertion, as it were, but the results left him feeling unsatisfied, to put it mildly. Thank goodness for merry old England.

Compare and contrast the BBC Radio and Eyeopener TV interviews below:

Cannabis BBC World Service Interview 7/14/2011 by Nick217

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.