Marijuana: Fox News Tells Tourists to Trade Their Extra Pot for a Rockies Jersey

Given Fox News' conservative slant, it's no surprise that most of the network's coverage about Colorado's legalization of recreational marijuana sales has been largely or wholly negative. Take Bill O'Reilly correspondent Jesse Watters's report about 4/20 in Denver, which sought laughs by characterizing attendees as clueless burdens on society.

It's surprising, then, to see Fox News essentially hyping marijuana tourism to Colorado in a new post with an unexpectedly positive tone. Get details below.

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The item in question -- "7 things you need to know about marijuana tourism" -- was penned by Mark Murphy, founder of the website And no, his top pieces of advice don't consist of warnings about how puffing will contribute to America's decline by making the nation too complacent to fight back against terrorism. Indeed, his tone is practically promotional. Here's an excerpt from the intro:
Travelers looking for a ski vacation later this year may want to skip Utah or Tahoe, and head to Colorado instead. We are already seeing a direct spike in visitors tied exclusively to the legalization of marijuana, but the lure of legal marijuana could end up increasing tourism to all areas of the state.

Entrepreneurs are actively going after this market by packaging tours around the idea of getting high, but you can just as easily do it on your own. Land in Denver and the information desk will direct you to any one of the numerous outlets where you can legally purchase marijuana and enjoy a hazy break from the ordinary without worry of arrest.

Following this tip, Murphy outlines his top seven, under headings that include "Know There is a Limit," "Don't Overdo It," "Don't Drive, Period," "Don't Leave the State With Any Marijuana" and "Look Up State Rules Before Heading Out on Your Marijuana Trip."

The remaining two qualify as our favorites. First, there's "Find a Quiet Spot to Light Up," which reads in part: "If you are out in the mountains, find some open space and go about your business. It may be illegal and land you a fine, but there is a good chance you won't have any issues."

Yes, a Fox News post really is offering advice about how to break the law without getting caught.

The other category is "Don't Even Think About Selling Your Excess Stash." Under this heading, Murphy writes, "Are you ready to head back home even though you are still sitting on some great weed? Give it away, but don't try to sell it. Trade it for a Rockies jersey or anything else."

Talk about a promotional opportunity for Colorado's woeful Major League Baseball squad. Instead of accidentally misspelling Troy Tulowitzki's name on a shirt, the team's promotional division could do it on purpose with special "Troy Tuloweedski" jerseys -- yours for that leftover eighth you were thinking about leaving in your rental car.

That may be the Rockies' only guaranteed winner this season.

Here's Watters's aforementioned 4/20-in-Denver video:

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