Marijuana product giveaway contest: Enjoy Jars

A few weeks back, we reviewed the Enjoy Jar, a four-part herb container meant to keep your strains separated from one another. After the review, the folks at Enjoy sent us a few more for the office. Instead of hoarding them for ourselves, we figured that we'd offer them up to the dear, stoned readers of our marijuana blog.

The jars garnered a favorable review, despite the $14.20 pricetag. As I wrote at the time:

"Considering that a night away from home for me often requires a kit of lighters, grinders, papers, stash jars and occasionally a bulletproof and padded case for my glass pipes, this would cut down on some of the clutter. In short: I'm prepared like a weed Boy Scout when I leave the house, and this is like the Swiss Army Knife of jars."

And now we want to help make two of you into ever-prepared ganja Cub Scouts and Brownies.

All you have to do is write up your funniest, most amusing tale about a time you got busted (or almost busted). Maybe it was the first time you came home red-eyed to mom and dad, or after the fabric softener in the toilet-paper roll failed to keep the the RA in your college dorm from smelling your skunk, or that Christmas when your aunt caught you smoking out of your grandmother's bathroom window. Whatever it may be, we want to hear it. You don't need to be a Colorado medical marijuana patient, either. We're equal-opportunity enablers here at Westword.

Send your submissions to [email protected] by 4:20 p.m. on Sept. 22nd and we'll pick the top two. Winning stories will be posted in an upcoming blog, so feel free to change the names of the innocent and all that jazz.

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William Breathes
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