Marijuana rally video shows arrest of Lacy Lee, confrontation between cops & angry protesters

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Lee was slated to appear before a Denver judge on October 19 -- and the day before, Corry, who's representing her pro bono, wrote an open letter to Mayor John Hickenlooper, currently a gubernatorial candidate leading in the polls, asking him to direct the city attorney to drop the prosecution, which he deemed wasteful and contrary to the will of voters.

According to Corry, he received no response from Hickenlooper. Nonetheless, the proceeding was pushed back to December 10 because the court deemed it a low priority for a jury trial. At that point, Corry says, he'll participate in a motions hearing "to suppress even the stop of Ms. Lee," who was cited for toking from a joint handed to her on the 400 block of Court Street during a May 1 legalization march in downtown Denver. "I don't think the police had any basis to detain her in any way, because holding an object that looks like a joint isn't illegal. A lot of people smoke cigarettes that look like joints -- and thus, everything flowing from that stop, and the charges, should be dismissed."

At that hearing, "we're going to have three cops come in who presumably have better things to do," Corry continues. "There's real crime going on out there -- real crime that affects real victims."

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