Marijuana voters guide: Activist Miguel Lopez discourages support of pro-pot Tom Tancredo

It's not often that a gubernatorial hopeful encourages voters to support someone else.

But marijuana activist and write-in candidate Miguel Lopez touts independent Paul Fiorino as the pick of choice for those who support weed legalization -- or relegalization, as he calls it -- at the polls today as part of his "Grassroots Marijuana Voters Guide," on view below.

Lopez believes such a guide was necessary because he feels other marijuana organizations -- he specifically mentions SAFER, which issued its own pro-pot voters guide earlier this month -- are biased in favor of big weed businesses as opposed to the average person and also are too narrowly focused.

"People should not just elect officials on one issue," Lopez argues. "They should look at the larger picture and long-term goals."

With that in mind, he opposes the candidacy of Tom Tancredo, the only one of the three major gubernatorial candidates (counting Democratic nominee John Hickenlooper and Republican standard-bearer Dan Maes) to openly call for marijuana legalization. Lopez declares Tancredo "racist" and suggests that the American Constitution Party is only interested in serving its own specific community rather than the larger population. "They're more likely to be lobbied by big business and monopolies," he maintains.

Fiorino, on the other hand, actually attended the regular pro-pot rally that weed activists stage the last weekend of each month, suggesting to Lopez that he understands the importance of grassroots efforts when it comes to marijuana, and everything else.

Here's Lopez's voters guide, released under the auspices of the Denver 4/20 Rally and the Colorado branch of the U.S. Marijuana Party:


Try to end the fallacy of the two-party system. As it is a two-headed monster that drunks from the same trough. But in all cases, you can't always do that in fear of the more harsh oppressions of greed and bigory in the name of hypocrisy:

1. NEVER Vote Republican, Tea, Libertarian or Constitution party.

2. Only Vote Democrat when Republican margins are too close, as they are the most oppressive.

Governor: Paul Fiorino

Attorney General: Stan Garnett

Senate: Michael Bennet

Vote OUT Diana DeGette, Vote IN Green Party Candidate for Representative


Vote NO on 60-62, 101, 102 and 300

Vote out all Judges except Alex Martinez, Clarisse Gonzales

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