Marilyn Van Derbur.
Marilyn Van Derbur.

Marilyn Van Derbur: 1959 was a winning year for her -- and for Channel 12

Every week, Colorado Inside Out takes on the big events of the day in Denver. But once a year, it creates a special history show dedicated to the big events of an earlier year.

Last year, it was 1959, and that show just won a regional Emmy in the interview/discussion category -- despite my alleged performance as a Colorado beauty queen, following in the real-life high-heeled footsteps of Miss America Marilyn Van Derbur.

Fortunately, the work of my colleagues was strong enough to create a winning program, which you can watch here.

And an even more unlikely local show won another Emmy: Staffers documenting the demise of the Rocky Mountain News wound up collecting an award for their death documentary.

Click to read the entire Emmy winners' list.


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