Marjorie Dietrich's Alleged Ties to Teen's Death by Molly Lead to Coke Sale Plea

Police suspect that Colorado Springs' Marjorie Dietrich and her boyfriend, Ryan Kollman, sold MDMA, a drug nicknamed Molly, that was consumed by Megan Pacheco, age seventeen, this past summer.

Pacheco later died after taking the substance.

Now, Dietrich has pleaded guilty to a drug-related offense.

And while the substance she'll be punished for peddling was cocaine, not Molly, there's little question that her impending incarceration is directly related to the Pacheco tragedy.

Pacheco's obituary notes the basic facts simply.

"Megan Pacheco, 17, died Thursday, July 9, 2015 at Children's Hospital in Aurora, Colorado," the page states. "She was born on September 15, 1997 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Megan recently graduated from Sand Creek High School."

But the facts of her passing are far more tragic than dates and numbers alone can convey.

A few days before her death, according to KKTV, Pacheco, who was scheduled to start classes at the University of Northern Colorado in the fall, was spending the night with a friend when she took some Molly, to which she had a tremendously negative reaction.

She was rushed to an area hospital, then airlifted to Children's Hospital in Aurora, where her temperature soared to a reported 108 degrees.

Over the days that followed, her organs began failing, leading to her death.

Afterward, an analysis of the drug indicated that it had traces of heroin, morphine and other substances that couldn't immediately be identified.

Pacheco's father, Enrique, soon made himself available to the media to warn other families about the possibly fatal impact of Molly use.

Meanwhile, authorities began looking for the source of the drug — and in October, they arrested Dietrich and her significant other, Kollman.

Both Dietrich and Kollman were suspected of being drug dealers — and Dietrich was already on probation of marijuana sales in relation to a 2012 case.

But according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the two weren't formally charged with supplying the Molly that killed Pacheco "because police can't prove they meant to hurt anyone."

Instead, they ensnared the pair in a sting operation. An affidavit obtained by the Gazette reveals that an undercover operative purchased cocaine from Kollman in August and from Dietrich in September.

Now, Dietrich has entered a guilty plea for selling cocaine — an offense that could net a maximum of six years behind bars. And Kollman isn't off the hook, either. His next court appearance is slated for January.

Look below to see booking photos for the pair, followed by a KKTV piece about Pacheco's death.

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