Marston crookneck squashes are highly prized by local gourd watchers: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Marston is Denver's land-o-lakes neighborhood. The fertile land that lies between the six bodies of water (Grant Lake A, Grant Lake B, Grant Lake C, Bowles Lake, Lake of the Lake and Marston Reservoir) is filled with urban farms that are famous for growing summer squash. Naturally, it has become a favorite destination for local gourd watchers... As illustrated on the Denver Neighborhood seed packet shown above, crookneck squashes love water and the heat of summer. Often high on the tick list of local gourd watchers, this variety of summer squash has a golden yellow, tender bumpy skin.

Marston crookneck squash plants thrive in backyards that border the parking lots of Sam's Club, Southwest Commons Shopping Center and Phil Long Ford. The bush type plants will take up a lot of space, but are extremely productive.

One Marston crookneck squash plant will continually feed a family of four for an entire month -- if each of the fruits are picked when four-to-six inches long. Wild varieties can be found along the fairways of the Raccoon Creek Golf Course.

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