Marvin Booker protest rally and march on the 16th Street Mall: A photo gallery

Earlier this month, we reported that a rally for Marvin Booker, who died in Denver jail this past summer, would take place Saturday on the 16th Street Mall. That evening, a crowd of approximately 200-300 people -- some sporting bandannas, some waving signs -- turned minimally violent as trash cans were overturned and public property was violent, prompting the arrival of the Denver Police Department gang unit. See a photo gallery of the rally below.

The gang unit arrived just as the protesters were passing Champa Street, and amid flashing lights, the crowd disbanded. The officers on duty declined to offer any insight into their response to the protest, even threatening me when I continued to pry. I asked for business cards and additional information but was turned down -- so I called 911. The dispatcher could not tell me the names of officers, but she was able to provide call numbers for the police cars. The call numbers can then be traced back to the precinct, which can then determine the names of officers on duty.

The following photo gallery begins with shots taken shortly before the protest broke up, leading to images of officers suiting up in riot gear. Despite highly publicized stories of brutality involving the likes of Michael DeHerrera and Alexander Landau, the officers were not particularly cooperative.

Local media offered very little coverage of the march. On the last page below, see a video of the rally courtesy of Denver Cop Watch:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.