Mayor of Shmucktown

Greeley Mayor Ed Clark has strong opinions, and the people of Greeley have strong opinions on him as well - just ask the University Middle School girls who've been scrawling death threats against Clark on the bathroom walls there.


The former police officer and head of security at the University Schools charter school was elected in November 2007 to a two-year term as mayor. He has spoken out against gang violence and taken a tough position on illegal immigrants.


But Clark ran into trouble last July when a fifteen-year-old neighbor claimed that the mayor grabbed him off his motorbike and threw him to the ground while the boy and some friends were riding through the neighborhood. The boy's family sought a restraining order, which was later denied by a judge.

Earlier this month, the mayor again came under fire after he showed a fake $3 bill to students in the UniversitySchool cafeteria. The bill had an image of Obama wearing a Middle Eastern headdress. Clark was quoted as saying that the bill was "political satire."

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