McCain Comes to Denver, Tries to Make Friends

John McCain, fresh from his Denver town hall that made nearly as much news for the ticketing of a protester than for what he said, must be a little lonely. After all, the guy lacks support from liberals -- even those who used to have some grudging respect for the man, back when his “Straight Talk Express” was a little more than just another empty political promise. So no help there.

He hasn’t been doing well with many conservatives, either -- especially the religious right, who publicly hated on the guy for months leading up to his official grabbing of the Republican nomination. At which point they went to hating him more privately, for the most part. Only recently have religious leaders started to make noise about supporting McCain (probably because Obama has surprising support from some evangelicals himself—and just like Jesus taught, it’s better to be pragmatic than principled), but that grudging advocacy is in its infancy at best.

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