Meat on the Street

The awning keeps cops shady while directing traffic at Bandimere Speedway.
I live in Morrison, and during big events at Bandimere Speedway -- such as this weekend's Mile High Nationals -- the police are out in force to help direct traffic. Their presence is a necessity, but you know it's got to be brutal standing on blacktop pavement in the heat, with their uniforms on, waving miles of cars through this small area.

That's why the officers set up this awning in the middle of the road. It provides some shade, a place to set up chairs for a quick rest, and coolers containing beverages for cops facing dehydration. And every once in a while, some enterprising officers will bring in the grill.

It's lunchtime for these officers.

At least we know Morrison's finest aren't going hungry during their time on the road. -- Amber Taufen

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