Medical marijuana advertising revenue greening local papers (like this one), says New York Times

I overheard someone call our fine publication Weedword not too long ago, referencing the eight-plus pages of medical marijuana ads in the back of our print edition. Funny, and also true. As Jeremy Peters points out in today's New York Times, that greening of advertisements has also meant more green for our paper, and many more in medical marijuana states out west.

The article discusses the boon that medical marijuana advertising has been for segments of the newspaper industry, most notably in Colorado. Peters remarks that the market for ads in Denver is "especially strong" -- backed by the fact that Westword pulls almost twice the amount of pot advertising revenue than our sister papers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

The article also points out that the medical marijuana industry has also been good for journalists. Down at the Colorado Springs Independent, for example, increased advertising revenue allowed the paper to promote several employees as well as hire an additional reporter. And here at Westword, Peters says marijuana "has become a journalistic staple of the paper." He also talks about how yours truly ("Mr. Breathes" as NY Times style hilariously dictates) has been able to find semi-gainful employment as a pot critic.

But is the advertising bubble (of smoke in the bong) about to burst? Read Peter's article on the New York Times website.

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William Breathes
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