Medical marijuana: Arson suspected in Green Door Wellness dispensary fire

The Denver Fire Department is still investigating a suspicious fire at a Green Door Wellness medical marijuana dispensary at 155 Federal earlier this week.

But that's about all the information that we've been able to get out of anyone involved with the case after days of asking for more details.

According to 9News, the fire started in the early morning on Tuesday after someone threw what was likely a plastic gas can on the building and set it ablaze. Judging by the helicopter footage from 9News, it looks like the fire was contained to the roof.

The Denver Post also reported that a window in the front of the shop was broken out and quoted the owner, Laszlo Bagi, as saying the alarm had been disabled.

Since then, we've been unable to contact owners or anyone related to the dispensary. Calls to the Federal location initially went to voicemail, and now the number seems to have been disconnected. Likewise, we were unable to reach anyone at other locations -- and some of the listed numbers now appear to connect with private cellphones.

Denver Fire spokesman Lt. Phil Champagne today said he couldn't comment much on the fire, only saying that the fire has been deemed suspicious and that an investigation is still underway.

Check out 9News footage here.

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