Medical marijuana dispensary review: Elevate Wellness Center in Denver

This dispensary has closed.

As I said a few weeks ago, if you're going to open your doors to the public, I'm not going to be concerned with how much time you've had to iron out the kinks. The bud is grown at that point, and there's no changing what's on your shelves until the next harvest. I still feel that way. But I still partially regret the timing of my visit to the newly opened Elevate Wellness Center, which seems to have lined up all the right factors for a great dispensary but didn't have a single nugget of its own herb on the shelf.

Elevate Wellness Center

1155 S. Cherokee Street Denver, CO 80223 720-484-6369

Hours: 10 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. daily. Raw marijuana price range (members): $8-12/gram $25-40/eighth-ounce, $160-$240/ounce. First-time patients receive member pricing. Raw marijuana price range (non-members): $10-$14/gram $30-50/eighth-ounce, $200-$300/ounce. Other types of medicine: BHO, CO2 oil, kief, hash, edibles, tinctures, lotions, drinks. Online menu? Yes. Handicap-accessible? Yes.

The shop is one of the nicest I've visited; it's very stylish and well done without feeling overly fancy or disproportionately extravagant. Walking in off the street puts you into a waiting room that would feel like the brand-new showroom for a counter-top/cabinet retailer if it wasn't for the smell of ganja lightly permeating the new-paint/new-flooring aroma of the shop. I wasn't there long, getting a brief look around from the hemp-like couch where I filled out three pages of paperwork. But the owners have clearly redone most of the space, adding a patient lounge with a granite-and-heavy-wood bar setup that looks like something out of a rental mansion on the creek in Vail.

Completing the forms was easy, and after signing and dating everything, I was led into the cozy bud-bar area. Inside, it's like a modern, hip Cherry Creek clothing boutique minus the clothes but plus a lot of cannabis gear. The new herringbone-pattern wood floor, the counters, the bud bar itself, the lighting and the awesome reclaimed-wood back wall are just that nice. All of which gives a certain dignified sense to products like RAW rolling papers, portable vaporizers and pot-butter machines.

Likewise, the antique stamped-metal-and-glass display made the cheap glass pipes seem more normal and less like items in a patchouli-smelling head shop. In short: The Elevate crew has done a great job of creating an upscale atmosphere that makes you feel less like a medical marijuana patient buying a bag of weed and more like a, well, regular consumer of a regular product -- and that's worth something.

Literally. It must have cost a fortune. But thankfully, the prices on products didn't completely reflect that. At least not the member pricing. The biggest issue was that out of the twenty or so strains, absolutely none were from Elevate's garden. According to the three amazingly welcoming (and appropriately fashionable) women running the shop, their growers only got clones in the ground -- actually, pots of coco fiber -- this week. So expect another three months or so of Elevate selectively buying and selling herb from other dispensaries.

That might explain how buds that would normally be selling for $35 an eighth at any other shop are going for $40 (before tax) or more. Got to pay that overhead. But with that in mind, the shop has done a solid job of keeping the quality relatively high despite the complete lack of control over the gardens from which the buds were harvested.

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