Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Golden Meds in North Denver

The thing that's going to turn people away from Golden Meds isn't the shop or the herb. It's the parking lot. Even with nobody around, it's a mess of broken concrete, potholes filled with oily water and bags' worth of garbage blowing around and stacking up on the curbs. Neither does it help that Golden Meds' neighbors include a cut-rate pawnshop and the center as a whole is in a forgotten corner of Montbello on the north side of I-70 that seems to be mostly populated by big rig trucks, fast food joints and gas stations. You probably wouldn't have moved to this area of town to buy cannabis before a state-legal medical cannabis dispensary opened up. That is, unless you had a sketchy dealer who liked to meet in what he thought was a stereotypically sketchy drug-dealing spot.

All of which doesn't set up high expectations for the dispensary itself, frankly. But that's also what made finding the surprisingly high-quality buds inside that much more rewarding.

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William Breathes
Contact: William Breathes