Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division launches redundant private caregiver registry

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This extra paperwork, as well as the inclusion of another government agency, surely won't go over well with already paranoid basement growers.

Add the fact that caregivers aren't licensed in any way by the MMED and the whole thing becomes absurd. It's just an additional level of useless information-collecting forced by paranoid legislators who crafted the rules while not paying attention to what laws were already in place.

I'm sure the cash-strapped MMED also loves dealing with the added responsibility of keeping records on caregivers who aren't even paying licensing fees to them.

It's not as if law enforcement lacks access to the preexisting health department data. Back in June, we wrote about a program that links the CDPHE and MMED databases with state law enforcement computers. So law enforcement already has access to this information. (For what it's worth, state officials have assured us that the information would only be available on demand by law enforcemers who need to verify the legality of a location).

And if that isn't enough to convince you that the form is unnecessary, there's the notice right at the top. It reads:
In accordance with C.R.S. §25‐1.5‐106(7)(e), a Caregiver who cultivates Medical Marijuana for his or her patients must register the location of that cultivation operation with the MMED. This information will be kept confidential and only provided to local government or a law enforcement agency upon receipt of an "address‐specific request for verification."
Continue to learn more about reaction to the new MMED program, as well as to see a copy of the caregiver form.
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