Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division on rule for center DVRs that can be discontinued

In a Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division inspections post, a security-camera provider noted that some of the specific (and pricey) DVR models that centers are required to use "are already being discontinued by the manufacturer." This is news to MMED spokeswoman Julie Postlethwait, but she acknowledges it's possible.

Rather than requiring centers to purchase certain cameras for use in security systems, MMED offered basic guidelines for required placement and specifications. However, Postlethwait says, "We did provide a list of approved DVRs.

"Generally, we don't choose models or makes," she notes. "We want the open market to choose and give people as much latitude as possible. But in this instance, we had to have a finite number of DVRs approved for use, because we're building a security surveillance system to be able to interface with those DVRs. We need to be able to lock in and use those security systems. And because each DVR comes with its own operating software, it wouldn't be possible to have a system to interface with all of them -- with the hundreds or thousands of different DVRs on the market."

As such, manufacturers who wanted to be included on the approved list had to "agree to cover the cost of a vendor writing the software to interface with their system."

Once a DVR is in place, Postlethwait says it should work even if the manufacturer has discontinued the model. But that doesn't make the situation ideal, especially if there are already concerns over a system that was officially put in place on July 1, around six weeks ago.

"Anytime you choose anything, you're taking a risk of a company discontinuing its use," she allows. "But we had to do something to get things moving."

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