Medical marijuana holiday gift guide: High ho-ho-ho!

Forget smartphones and robotic hamsters: The real hot gifts this holiday season are medical marijuana gizmos.

There are a bunch of cutting-edge weed products being developed right here in Colorado. Check out a few of our favorites below.

Think of it like a holiday gift guide for that special medical-marijuana patient in your life.

And if we miss any killer local ganja toys, let us know and we'll update our naughty-and-nice list.

Silver Surfer Herbal Vaporizer Seventh Floor LLP Colorado Springs, Colorado

Smoking marijuana is so 20th century. Instead, many people are enjoying it via a vaporizer, which gently warms the pot and releases key vapors without the carcinogens.

One of the top vaporizers around comes right out of Colorado: the Silver Surfer, which was dreamed up six years ago by a journeyman electrician in Colorado Springs. Since the hand-polished silver device looks like it's rocking a surfboard, it earned a name straight out of the comics -- and its reception has been as fantastic as its title.

Silver Surfers are reportedly on every continent save Antarctica, and they've garnered the seal of approval from none other than Willie Nelson. Folks can find the silvery legend on sale for about $250 at dispensaries around the state, or buy one at Seventh Floor's website.

The Incredibowl Incredibowl Industries Longmont, Colorado

Houston, we have a weed pipe. The whiz kids behind the Incredibowl took the NASA approach to smoking their medicine, spending years designing digital models, then hiring engineers to build their dream.

The result, which is on sale at dispensaries statewide and online for about $150 a unit, is impressive: a polycarbonate expansion chamber. A brass smoke-injection nozzle. A patent-pending annular purge carb, whatever that means. Even better, the Incredibowl recently took two awards at the vaunted Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam: second place in the best new product category, and third for best glass product. Talk about local boys done good.

Smooth Draw Stash Boxes Bent Grass Products Denver, Colorado

You're willing to pay top dollar for the finest medicine -- so why besmirch your weed by carrying it around in a baggie?

Bent Grass Products has a better solution: its brand-new Smooth Draw Stash Boxes, air-tight, hard-shell cases that will lock in your stash's flavor and make it look really cool. A variety of case sizes are available at dispensaries, head shops and online for $10 to $25, with some featuring customizable foam inserts.

Next up for Bent Grass? A marijuana humidor. Now that's what we call living the high life.

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