Medical marijuana: Opening of The Clinic's Highlands location delayed over zoning issues

Owners of a day care center on 32nd Avenue told 9News reporter Will Ripley on Monday that they were "shocked" to find out The Clinic was opening its third medical marijuana center down the street. Their gripe, they say, is that the shop violates a Denver ordinance that forces MMCs to stay more than 1,000 feet from schools, day care facilities and residential areas.

The daycare owners say they found out about the shop 800 feet from their front door from an advertisement in the local newspaper just five days before The Clinic was to hold its grand opening last Saturday in the large, weed-green and yellow Victorian house-turned-storefront down the street.

Given the 200-feet disparity, The Clinic would likely not be allowed to open based on how the city has treated the zoning laws so far. Earlier this year, we reported on City Park Dispensary on Colfax being forced to close for being roughly 900 feet from a juvenile halfway house.

But the 9 News report also shows that, distance aside; the shop isn't necessarily being made to feel welcome in the area.

"I think it could hurt the general neighborhood," one of the daycare owners said. "Parents looking to move in might think twice if just down the street is a dispensary." Other neighbors expressed their concerns, noting that "impressionable" children walk up and down the strip that is also home to numerous shops, restaurants, bars and liquor stores.

Aubrey Cornelius, spokeswoman for The Clinic, was mum about how the oversight may have occurred, but emphasized that the center never intended to sneak anything under the radar or do anything illegal. She said they hope to find a solution with the city and the daycare soon.

Check back for updates. In the meantime, here's the 9News report:

Click to check out William Breathes's review of The Clinic's Colfax location.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.