Medical marijuana proposal: Would new city council rule ban caregivers in Denver?

Among the items on the agenda for tonight's Denver City Council meeting is CB 10-0607, which is described as "a bill for an ordinance relating to the Denver Zoning Code, restricting growing of medical marijuana in residential districts and uses."

Sounds benign enough -- but could it result in a de facto (and unconstitutional) ban of MMJ caregivers in Denver?

That's the contention of the Cannabis Therapy Institute, which today sent out an action alert to members related to the council action. According to the CTI release, the bill would "essentially eliminate the ability of a person to be a caregiver and provide cannabis for another person not living in the same house with them."

How so? Get more information from the CTI alert below:

Denver City Council Debates Banning Caregivers

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Tell them to vote "NO" CB-607, Medical Marijuana Zoning Changes

Call Denver City Council 720-865-9534

First Reading on Medical Marijuana Zoning Changes Denver City Council Meeting When: Mon., August 9 Time: Council Meeting starts at 5:30 pm Where: Council Chambers, Room 450 City & County Building 1437 Bannock Street, Denver, CO On the west side of the Civic Center Park.

Format: This is the first reading and public comment will not be taken on this bill at the hearing. You can call or email the Denver City Council with your opinion. If this bill passes, it will have a second and final reading some time in September where public comment will be taken.


The Denver City Council will discuss CB10-0607, a bill restricting growing of medical marijuana by zoning districts in the city. It would essentially eliminate the ability of a person to be a caregiver and provide cannabis for another person not living in the same house with them.

Excerpts from the bill:

The growing of medical marijuana shall comply with the following:

1. No more than 6 plants may be grown for each patient registry identification card holder residing in a dwelling unit, not to exceed 12 plants per dwelling unit.

2. Growing and/or storage of medical marijuana shall occur within a completely enclosed structure.

3. Growing and/or storage of medical marijuana shall not occur in a common area associated with the dwelling unit.

4. Growing shall be for personal use only by patient registry identification card holders residing in the dwelling unit; retail or wholesale sales of goods or products derived from the growing of medical marijuana and any off-site distribution of such plants or derived products are prohibited.

Click here for the full agenda and links to the ordinance.

Tell the City Council to vote "NO" CB-607, Medical Marijuana Zoning Changes and continue to allow safe access for patients and caregivers in Denver.

Contact the Denver City Council

Denver City Council Main Office City & County Bldg., 1437 Bannock St., Rm. 451 Denver, CO 80202 Phone: 720-865-9534 Fax: 720-865-9540 Email: [email protected] Web:

Remember to cc us on any correspondence with lawmakers: [email protected]

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