Medical marijuana: Silver Lizard open for biz despite raid rumors

Rumors were flying over the weekend about a raid or some other type of law enforcement action going down at the Silver Lizard, a shop we reviewed last week.

We've checked with the owners, who assure us there was no raid and the shop is still open for business.

A commenter on our review said he'd driven past the shop at 4400 Grape Street on Friday and had seen "a couple Drug Enforcement Task Force Trucks & Armed agents" involved in what looked like a raid. Officers were allegedly holding what the commenter assumed to be employees up against a wall outside.

But representatives with Silver Lizard tell us that wasn't the case and the shop hasn't been raided.

"We had an inspection," a manager said. "There is some tax issue that they are looking at, but nothing happened."

The manager didn't elaborate, but added that Silver Lizard has been given an okay by the state to continue operating. According to him, the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division "said we could carry on and open for business if we wanted. And we're going to stay open."

MMED spokeswoman Julie Postlethwait also confirmed that her division didn't conduct any operations on Friday. We've also contacted the Denver Police Department and will update this post if/when we get their side of things..

But for now, the shop is open. That is a good thing for those of you icewater extracted hash fans. As we discovered last week in reviewing Silver Lizard:

"The real draw at the Silver Lizard was the selection of extremely well-made icewater bubble hash. With easily more choices than was the case with actual bud, the shop clearly takes pride in its extractions. Grams sell for $30, and employees will break those down to a $7.50 quarter-gram for you if that's all you can swing. And do try and swing some of this if you stop by. Perfectly dried and cured, the hash had distinctly different looks and smells depending on which strain-specific or blended mix I was looking at. (Strains like the Tange, Flow, Jilly, OG, Underdawg, Stardawg and Blowfish were available both ways.) The shop also carried third-party BHO called "Moon Rocks," but I didn't give that a second glance next to the hash. I had a momentary freakout from the hash overload and botched my purchase, bringing home a gram of one strain instead of four quarter-grams of different strains."

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