Meet Denver's newest, cutest baby!!!!!!

Don't try to fight it: Baby monkeys are the most adorable. Like, six-exclamation-points adorable. Like, OMG!!!!!! THAT BABY MONKEY IS EFFING ADORABLE!!!!!!

In light of that proven fact, say hello to Denver's newest baby monkey, Kanani.

According to the Denver Zoo, where Kanani lives, she was born in mid-December to mom Marinda -- who was also born in a zoo, in Texas -- and dad Kisoro. Kisoro's story is more dramatic. Legend has it that he was rescued from the black market in Congo. Apparently, some people thought he'd taste delicious.

Read on for some more facts about Kanani's species, the De Brazza's Monkey, courtesy of the zoo. (Really, the facts are an excuse to post more adorable baby-monkey photos.)

De Brazza's Monkeys live in the swamps and forests of central Africa. They are difficult to find because they're excellent at hiding and can freeze in place for several hours if they sense they're in danger. In fact, because they hide so well, it's unknown how many exist in the wild. Though they are not considered endangered, their greatest threats come from habitat loss. They typically live in small social groups that consist of a dominant male and many females. (Ooh-la-la.) Adult males weigh around fifteen pounds, while females weigh about half as much. They have grayish fur with black limbs and white backsides. Their faces are distinguishable by orange, crescent-shaped markings on their foreheads, and white muzzles and beards.

They get their name from Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, a late-1800s French explorer.

Did all that adorableness make your face explode? You're welcome!!!!!!

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