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Meet the Latest Denver Sexually Violent Predators Exposed on YouTube

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Update: Last month, we told you about a new Denver Police Department program to provide information about sexually violent predators via YouTube.

Since then, the DPD has given two more SVPs the YouTube treatment, including Christopher James McGough, seen above, whose clip was put online yesterday.

Early indications suggest that this approach is getting the word out to many more people than did the old method of neighborhood meetings and the like.

See the latest clips and get more information below.

The first three sexually violent predators featured in the new series were Robert Jake Chavez and Donald Randall Bills, who were living in Park Hill, and Anthony William Fritz, located in Ruby Hill.

At this writing, the clips, which provide information about SVPs in general, the convicted man's crimes, plus schools and bus routes in the area, haven't exactly gone viral, but their number of views is substantial: north of 1,200 for both Chavez and Bills and nearly 5,000 for Fritz as of this morning.

Hence, new posts for the unfortunately named James Holmes (middle name: Alphonso), a transient said to be living near the 1100 block of Park Avenue West, and McGough, whose most recent address is a motel at 8400 East Colfax.

See the videos below, followed by our previous coverage.

Original post, 10:50 a.m. March 12: Robert Jake Chavez, Donald Randall Bills and Anthony William Fritz are currently experiencing a modicum of Internet fame.

But we doubt they're enjoying it much.

In recent weeks, the Denver Police Department has been trying a new method to inform community members of sexually violent predators moving into their neighborhoods.

The DPD has started spotlighting such individuals in a series of videos, which provide a huge amount of information about SVP notification laws in Colorado, as well as the offenders themselves.

The first three to get this treatment are Chavez and Bills, who live in Park Hill, and Fritz, a resident of Ruby Hill.

The Chavez video begins ominously, with on-screen graphics and accompanying narration: "Attention, Park Hill residents! This is a community notification of a new sexually violent predator in your area. Please stay tuned to the following short program for more information."

Actually, the video's not that short, especially by YouTube standards. It lasts around ten minutes, with detailed explanations from Officer Ron Hackett of the DPD's communication team, plus specifics regarding Chavez's crimes and whereabouts, including maps showing his actual residence, as seen in the image above.

The reported reason for the YouTube experiment was the relatively low turnout at public meetings about SVPs, and while the number of clicks the clips have generated to date don't qualify them as viral, the information has undoubtedly reached hundreds more than would have likely heard about it otherwise.

Here are the three videos.

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