Meet the MasterMinds: Year 4

Across the metro area, artists and arts enthusiasts are working hard -- often unappreciated and uncompensated -- to change the cultural landscape. Catherine O'Neill's Art From Ashes uses poetry to elevate people, particularly children, above unfortunate surrounding. The organization's efforts are so exemplary that it was a clear choice for our fourth class of MasterMinds.

But everyone in last year's class could have been a valedictorian. Jill Hadley Hooper and Tracy Weil, who've done so much to advance the Rino arts district, were honored in Visual Arts; Mona Lucero got the nod in Fashion/Design; Jason Bosch, who brought us ArgusFest, took the MultiMedia award; and Creative Music Works, which has labored long and hard to bring great performers to Denver, was named the Performing Arts MasterMind.

Click these links for profiles of our 2008 Mastermind winners and details about Saturday's Artopia party. Check the Latest Word's Art Attack archives for more profiles of previous years' MasterMinds. And you can read all about the 2009 MasterMinds here.

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