Memorial Day observed 24/7 by a brooding bald eagle: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

The study of neighbors through their lawn decorations...

Figure 64. Fort Logan: An eagle-eyed watch over a tiny gravestone dedicated to those who gave.

At Fort Logan National Cemetery, veterans, Boy Scouts, Auxillary wives and Senator Michael Bennet will observe this weekend's Memorial Day ceremony with an hour's worth of speeches, gun salutes, bugling and wreath laying. For a resident of the adjacent neighborhood, fallen soldiers are best remembered in a year-round display of a nesting raptor. That the nest of the bald eagle in the photograph above is perched on a pile of rocks (as opposed to a treetop) suggests that this yard artist is a real hardass committed to guarding his "huevos más grandes." The display of the American flag insinuates that the protection of the home is the patriotic ideal. The inclusion of the POW/MIA flag, designed by the late Newt Heisley of Colorado Springs, intimates that grievances will not be forgotten, while the diminutive gravestone tribute to "those that gave" hints at the high price of winning any respect at this home.

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