Men wanted for taking medical marijuana without prescription

Even as Arapahoe County officials go beyond the call of duty in their efforts to bust Brian Wayne Coplen, who's wanted for allegedly running a marijuana grow-house in Bennett, representatives of the Boulder Police Department are questioning four men in connection with a robbery at a facility where pot is sold legally -- to patients whose medical needs are on record with the state marijuana registry. Confused? So are the marijuana laws in this country. Nonetheless, as of last night, the unnamed quartet was in custody after two containers of medical marijuana were removed from the the New Options Wellness Clinic, LLC, earlier in the day. Read the official BPD account by clicking "Continue."

Police question four men after medical marijuana robbery

Boulder detectives are continuing to question four men who were taken into custody this afternoon, Tuesday, June 16, in connection with a reported robbery at a business that sells medical marijuana to patients who have registered with the state marijuana registry. The business, located in the 2800 block of East Aurora Avenue, was robbed at about 3:30 p.m. by two male suspects.

The men entered the business, the New Options Wellness Clinic, LLC, purporting to be customers. When the clerk asked to see their registration cards, they indicated they were there to rob her. They fled with two tubs of medical marijuana, cash and some surveillance equipment from the business. Witnesses in the area saw the suspects climb into a black Escalade and drive away. They were able to give officers a good vehicle description and a license plate number.

A sergeant was driving an unmarked vehicle nearby and headed in the direction of the suspects' SUV. The sergeant spotted the Escalade on eastbound Hwy. 36 and kept tabs on it until marked patrol units arrived. The Escalade was stopped near the Church Ranch Boulevard exit.

Four men inside the SUV were brought back to the Public Safety Building, 1805 33rd St., for questioning. That process is ongoing this evening. No names will be released unless and until the suspects are booked into the jail in connection with this crime.

The vehicle has been impounded. Detectives have not searched it yet. They are awaiting a search warrant.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.