Chips ahoy!

Mexican food for Obama!

Barack Obama has been losing ground to John McCain in many national polls among likely voters -- but he's apparently way out front among Mexican food. At least that's one way to interpret the bizarre set of just-posted videos below, which date from the Democratic National Convention. In them, a variety of people declare that they're "Nachos for Obama!," or "Taco Salad for Obama!" or "Burritos for Obama!" What's it mean? Hell if I know -- but apparently frijoles and chimichangas remain firmly in the Republican camp.

To see the entire twisted collection, click "More." -- Michael Roberts

Nachos for Obama!

Burritos for Obama!

Tacos for Obama!

Quesadillas for Obama!

Chips and Salsa for Obama!

Taco Salads for Obama!


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