Michael Alan McDougall shot his pregnant wife in the stomach because "she had it coming"

Littleton's Michael Alan McDougall didn't hide from the lights and lenses of TV cameras after being accused of murdering his pregnant wife, Jennifer, in a Houston suburb by shooting her in the abdomen -- nor did he dodge the question of why he'd done so. Instead, he smirked and declared, "She had it coming."

The raw footage of this flip confession is on view below, courtesy of Channel 9. But the original presentation assembled by Houston's KPRC is far more chilling, despite the unnecessary inclusion of comments from a so-called body-language expert. According to KPRC, McDougall specifically targeted Jennifer's midsection because he didn't want anything to do with her unborn child, chose to shoot her in front of the house to publicly humiliate her, and then gathered up his three kids with the intention of building a "Boy Scout derby car."

To watch the KPRC report, click here.

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