Michael Hancock names transition team chair John Huggins, teases plans for the future

Fresh off the high of winning the job of Denver mayor, Michael Hancock thanked voters and took his first step in his transition process by launching the website DenverForward.com.

"Last night was a special night for me," he told supporters at Civic Center Park. "I'm honored by the voters of Denver. So today, we are getting right to work."

Hancock laid out his plans for the future, including the appointment of John Huggins to chair his transition team. Huggins, a former economic development chief for Denver, was one of the Hancock's top mayoral campaign advisers and also worked on John Hickenlooper's transition committees for both his mayoral and gubernatorial wins.

Hancock also shared his ideas for the DenverForward team, which will consist of more than 300 volunteers helping to determine the members and leaders of twenty different committees that cover main departments of the city government.

"We will be seeking the best people possible to make up my administration," Hancock said. "Everyone who wants to be considered will be considered on a level playing field. After all, as I've said, 'We are all Denver.'"

Hancock said he'll heed the words of Mayor Bill Vidal, who took over in January when Hickenlooper moved to the Capitol. "His advice to me was, 'Don't let this job kill you. Work hard, but don't forget your family and your commitments to your family.' That's always wonderful advice to hear," Hancock said.

The mayor-elect highlighted some of what he plans to work on, including the appointment of a Denver Public School's liaison, dealing with the budget and his selection of a chief of staff. Hancock hinted that he has some chief-of-staff candidates in mind but hasn't made a definitive choice.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.