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Michelle Wilkins to Dynel Lane Before Baby Cut From Womb: "I Love You"

It's been abundantly clear since her first public statements that Michelle Wilkins, whose baby was cut from her womb in a Longmont attack allegedly committed in March by Dynel Lane, is a remarkable person.
Michelle Wilkins testifying in court.
Michelle Wilkins testifying in court. CBS News
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It's been abundantly clear since her first public statements that Michelle Wilkins, whose baby was cut from her womb in a Longmont attack allegedly committed in March by Dynel Lane, is a remarkable person.

This conclusion was reinforced at a hearing for Lane yesterday, when it was revealed that in the midst of the assault against her, Wilkins told Lane, "I love you."

To that, Lane is said to have replied,"If you love me, you'll let me do this" — after which authorities say, she stabbed Wilkins in the neck.

These details add to others divulged in a preliminary brief recently filed in the Lane case. The entire document is on view below, but here's a key section listed under "Statement of Facts." We've broken up the paragraph to make it easier to read.

On March 18, 2015, Michelle Wilkins, who was seven months pregnant, looked at Cragislist and saw an ad selling baby clothes and maternity clothes in Longmont. Shortly before noon, she responded to 1620 Green Place, Longmont, Boulder county, Colorado, the residence of Dynel Lane.

Ms Wilkins then spent about an hour with Ms. Lane discussing various subjects, including her pregnancy. Sometime after 1 p.m., Dynel Lane asked Ms. Wilkins to go to the basement. When Ms. Lane had Michelle Wilkins in the basement, she attacked her first with her hands, then with a lava lamp,which she broke over her head.

Then she used the lava lamp to stab Ms. Wilkins in the neck, and proceeded to choke her with her hands, and smother her with a pillow.

Eventually, when Ms. Wilkins had passed out on a bed in the bedroom basement, Dynel Lane used a knife to cut Ms. Wilkins abdomen and remove her baby.

Following this, the defendant placed Ms. Wilkins's baby in a bathtub in the upstairs of the house, while she left Ms. Wilkins bleeding for a lengthy period of time in the basement bedroom.
This account was supplemented at yesterday's hearing, during which Longmont detective Stacy Graham testified that Wilkins's "I love you" statement to Lane was meant to demonstrate compassion.

She added that Lane's attempts to strangle Wilkins failed because there was so much blood on her neck.

When Lane arrived at an area hospital, Graham continued, staffers treated her as the mother of the child, a girl named Aurora who had already died at that point. Lane initially refused to let medical personnel take the body away from her.

Meanwhile, Wilkins was fighting for her life in the emergency room. 7News quotes Graham as explaining, "Michelle was completely sedated... laying on the bed with her intestines fully exposed."

Only after Wilkins was able to tell her side of the story was it learned that Lane hadn't actually given birth to the baby.

To no one's surprise, the evidence presented at the hearing convinced Boulder County Court Judge David Archuleta that Lane should stand trial for the multiple counts filed against her by the Boulder County District Attorney's Office, including attempted murder and unlawful termination of pregnancy.

Afterward, the Wilkins family released a statement marked by grace and thoughtfulness — hallmarks of a woman who has shown herself to be much more than simply the victim of a terrible crime.

The statement is below, following a report from 7News and the aforementioned court document.

Dynel Lane Preliminary Brief

Wilkins family statement:
The Wilkins family deeply appreciates the support afforded to us by Stan Garnett and his team at the Boulder County District Attorney's office. We are confident in their ability to successfully see that justice is carried out in a matter proportionate with the circumstances surrounding the attack on Michelle and the resulting tragic death of her soon to be born daughter Aurora. We endorse the charges chosen by the District Attorney and believe them to be correct and reflective on what is permissible under current Colorado law.

As a family, we believe that efforts to seek justice on behalf of Michelle and Aurora are now in the hands of Colorado's Twentieth Judicial District — not ours. We now choose to let the legal system run its proper course and will refrain from making any comments on the conduct of the court case until it is concluded and a verdict is reached.

We continue to be heartened by the many messages of love, comfort, and unity we have received not only from around the country, but from around the world. Our conviction that we are
members of a global community overwhelmingly filled with virtuous people loving and looking out for each other has been continually validated in the days and weeks since the attack.

We are thankful and humbled by the support we've received and the many generous contributions made to assist in Michelle's recovery.

Michelle continues to recuperate — physically and spiritually. She has departed Colorado for the time being, but is in a familiar place surrounded by friends and family united in her support and well-being.
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