Mike Cotsworth is suburban superhero Lucky Parker: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Lucky Parker Real Name: Mike Cotsworth; Occupation: Car Wrangler; Suburb of Operations: Parker; Hair: Fishtails; Eyes: On the Road

Suburban superhero skills: As a suburb-cruising car collector endowed with superhuman traffic telepathy, he is able to decipher and direct traffic energies with enough skill to find a parking space at the front door of each and every destination...

Lucky Parker is blessed with Class A Automotive energy, enabling him access to hundreds of cars. As president of Car Connections Automotive Consultants and board president of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press, he possesses "Power Carma," which he can use to generate great pleasure from parking many different cars and then getting his customers pay for the fun.

Lucky Parker's abilities are derived from his desire to share the enjoyment of the automotive parking experience. As a result of such efforts, he has won the 2002 O'Brien Citizen of the Year Award from the Parker Chamber of Commerce. He also volunteers his time to promote the Schlep Avoidance Teen Parking Skills Program taught by off-duty Parker Police and Firefighters.

Lucky Parker shares his love for family and the automotive experience by hosting the Automotively Speaking radio show with his daughter Cyndi. Known throughout Parker as a mobile DJ and teacher of the latest dance steps, Cyndi joins her father each week to appeal to female drivers who are interested in fortunate parking experiences.

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