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"Mile High Killers" Gangland episode nothing but "lies, lies, lies," says GRASP's Francisco Gallardo

On Friday, even as the Darrent Williams murder trial was offering Denverites the sort of ugly, unburnished portrait of gang life the Reverend Leon Kelly sees everyday, The History Channel aired an episode of its Gangland series entitled "Mile High Killers." And Francisco Gallardo, program director for Gang Rescue and Support Project (GRASP), who cooperated in the making of the show, couldn't be more pissed off about how it turned out. In the video seen above, he rips the highly publicized presentation apart, claiming that Gangland personnel misled him about their approach, claiming that they would focus on something other than sheer sensationalism. He calls the results "nothing but lies, lies, lies, lies, lies" -- and plenty more besides.

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