Mile High Murder, No. 5: Suspect released in murder of security guard at El Chapparal night club

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On Wednesday, the Denver Police Department announced the arrest of David Cano-Rivera in relation to the murder of security guard Alfredo Gonzalez-Ramos at the El Chapparal night club, 2727 W. 6th Avenue, an area captured in the graphic above (if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map"). Today, some back-tracking. Cano-Rivera has been freed pending "further investigation" -- although a warrant out for a second man, Heber Santiago Godoy, remains in effect. This is the second time in five days that the DPD has had to let go an arrestee in a high-profile murder case. On Monday, charges were dropped against Dawn Marie Gonzales, who'd been taken into custody regarding a fatal hit-and-run near a Burger King at 6th and Broadway.

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Denver Police Department press release, June 5:

Denver Police have released David Cano-Rivera 06-18-87 from the Denver City Jail pending further investigation. Cano-Rivera was being held for Investigation of Accessory to 1st Degree Murder in relation to the Murder at El Chaparral nightclub 2727 W. 6th Avenue. The arrest warrant for Heber Santiago Godoy 08-30-88 for Investigation of 1st Degree Murder, Investigation of Criminal Attempt 1st Degree Murder and Investigation of 1st Degree Assault is still in effect. The investigation is still active and ongoing. Additional information will be release as it becomes available.

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