Moms for Marijuana plan rally for Chris Bartkowicz tomorrow at courthouse

The Denver Chapter of Moms for Marijuana plans to rally in support of Chris Bartkowicz, the Highlands Ranch medical marijuana grower facing federal cultivation charges.

Tomorrow, Bartkowicz will find out if a judge will accept a plea-deal for a five year sentence.

Lanette Johnson, chapter leader for the Moms, said activists plan to be out front of the Alfred Arraj Federal Courthouse at 19th and Champa starting at 8:30 a.m., waiving signs and showing their support before heading in to the sentencing around 9:45. She urges everyone in the medical marijuana community to do the same.

"The Denver chapter of Moms for Marijuana believes that the raid of Mr. Bartkowicz's home, the destruction of his grow operation, and the federal charges against him are undeserved and unjust," Johnson says. "In addition, we believe Judge Brimmer's decision to disallow a medical marijuana defense is unconstitutional."

Since his initial arrest last January, Bartkowicz has maintained that he was following state laws as a medical marijuana caregiver and was growing a legal amount of plants for his patients. Originally facing forty years and unable to use the state's medical marijuana laws in his defense, Bartkowicz pleaded guilty and signed a plea deal on October 21. He has been in prison since that time waiting for Judge Phillip Brimmer to either accept or deny the deal. If Brimmer denies the plea agreement at tomorrow's sentencing, Bartkowicz has said he will withdraw his guilty plea and take the case to a jury.

Here's the plea agreement:

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