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Mom's Got Game: Five things we want to learn from JaVale McGee's new reality show

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Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker isn't the only local sports star taking a stab at a reality show. (Click to see our post on Eric & Jessie: Game On). Beginning Saturday, Nuggets center JaVale McGee will co-star in Mom's Got Game on Oprah's cable network.

It's no surprise reality TV would take notice of JaVale's eccentricities, shared on social media and sports blogs. But the show will actually focus on his mother, Pamela McGee, who was a boisterous presence on the Nuggets sidelines during the team's 2012 playoff run.

A star player in her own right, Pam helped the University of Southern California win back-to-back NCAA Championships in 1983-84 and went on to play in the WNBA (she also won a gold medal with the women's U.S. Olympic team). In advance of the premiere of Mom's Got Game, the OWN Network has released the first five minutes. After getting a sneak peak, here is a list of five things we hope to learn from the show this season.

5. Will JaVale "get it in" this season as a Nugget? In the first part of the clip, Pam states that this is a very big off-season for JaVale. He signed a lucrative contract with the Nuggets and is poised to be a starter this year. As Pam explains, "Son, you are a McGee, you got to get it in!" Apparently "get it in" means something a lot different to her than it does to most people, but we digress. How will JaVale handle having more responsibility on the court this year? Spoiler alert: Not great, but it should be fun watching him train anyway.

4. Will Pam "get it in" with her assistant, Jay, or any male suitor? We are introduced in this clip to Jay, who is described as Pam's "manny." She calls him her main man and personal assistant, which seems a bit less degrading than whatever a manny is. It is evident that the two have "mad love" for one another, but there is also possible sexual tension. Pam is fifty and fabulous, ready to focus on herself and not so much on her kids. Will she find romance with Jay or someone else? We can only hope to see Pam on a date, most likely intimidating the hell out a potential match.

3. What kind of crazy shenanigans will Pam and her girls get into? We're definitely in for some fun with Pam and her group of friends, which includes Kim and Val (former WNBA players), Monique Payton (ex-wife of former NBA player Gary Payton), her cousin Kendra and her baby sister Alana. Who doesn't want to see Pam and these ladies get loose in the club? Or play a game of pickup for old times sake?

Continue to read the top two things we want to learn from JaVale McGee's new reality show.

2. Does JaVale get a Maybach? As JaVale's mom and business manager (but don't call her a mom-a-ger; she is no Kris Jenner, mind you), Pam tries to teach JaVale practicality. When he asks if he can get a Maybach (for those not familiar, it is a very, very expensive car), she jokes "You can't afford a Maybach." But after thinking on that for a moment, she adds, "Well, technically, you can." This will most definitely evolve into a story line, one that we're willing to bet will end with JaVale cruising around in a new vehicle.

1. Will Denver get any love? Unlike Eric and Jessie: Game On, which was filmed here -- and during which you could recognize various places in Denver -- the McGee show (at least the first episode) appears to have mainly been shot in Los Angeles, where JaVale and Pam live in the off-season. Hopefully, there will be some Denver scenes later on, though, with JaVale hanging out with Nuggets players. I hear he frequents the 1UP, and who doesn't like a little free publicity now and then?

Get your answers to these questions and more when Mom's Got Game premieres this Saturday, January 18, on the OWN Network.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.