More Messages: Leaping Tom

There have been plenty of changes within the Denver Newspaper Agency of late, and today brings word of another big one. Sources report that DNA vice president of marketing Tom Botelho is on a fast track to Gonesville.

Botelho's got a lot of history with the Denver dailies. As noted in his DNA bio, he was named marketing veep in 2001, when the agency was formed, after having served for the previous five years in the same position at the Denver Post. This trajectory demonstrates that he'd gained the trust of Dean Singleton, whose MediaNews Group prizes the Post as its flagship property -- and Singleton remains the greater of equals in the DNA power structure.

Attempts to reach Botelho have been unsuccessful to date. But whether he jumped or was pushed, his departure is just one more sign of the volatility in the newspaper business these days. Given tight budgets and profits that are falling faster than Britney Spears' chances of being named mother of the year, the DNA is a very different place today than it was just a few short years ago. -- Michael Roberts

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